Our March bonus promotion was so successful, let's keep the party going!

We want to give you an EXTRA $600* for every new EDGE merchant in April!

To participate in this promotion, you must opt-in.
If you opted into our March promotion, you must opt-in again for April.

For your first 5 EDGE merchants you will receive an extra

*For EDGE merchants 6 and beyond you will receive an additional

And the best part?

AND it’s all on top of your PEAK Bonus!

12 EDGE merchants in the month of March gets you $5,700

22 EDGE merchants gets you $11,700

32 EDGE merchants gets you $17,700

The Notorious Fine Print:
*MERCHANTS are to be priced at a minimum of 3.5% and have a monthly volume of at least $5,000. Bonuses are for NEW EDGE merchants approved in April and activated (processing a minimum of $300) by May 14, 2021. Additional bonuses available for $50,000, $75,000, and $100,000 per month in volume. Statement required for the additional bonus.